Roy Batty

Actor Rutger Hauer played the part of Roy Batty in the film.

Roy is one of the central characters of the film. He is a Nexus-6 replicant, and the leader of his group. He is a ‘combat model’, with a physical and mental level of A, meaning that he is superior in all regards to his creators. It can be presumed that Roy was the instigator of the off-world mutiny, as he takes charge of the search to find Eldon Tyrell and extend his friends and his own lifespans.

He is seen as a typically good-looking alpha male character, with an intimidating physical presence and a sharp intellect. He may be viewed appropriately as an anti-hero, a flawed yet heroic and defiant character. He engages in acts of extreme violence against those who created him, yet also shows sensitivity to his friends. Thus his persona is one of extremes and opposites. When we first meet him he is almost at the end of his four-year lifespan, which has allowed him enough time to develop emotionally. He is however, not fully emotional when compared to an adult human, which can be seen a couple of times in the film when he seems to be confused about what he is feeling. He is in a state of physical degradation, with blackened fingernails and a loss of feeling and control in his hands.

Roy is an ambiguous character. He is both intriguing as well as intimidating, and it is difficult to locate him on the ‘moral compass’. His intensity, violent actions and clothing seem to portray him as a sort of satanic character – he is referred to as a ‘fallen angel’ in a number of different texts written about the film. Yet he arguably shows more emotion, and humanity, than many of the human characters in the film. For this reason the audience can connect with him and his plight can be viewed with sympathy. Roy is the main character in the film who provokes philosophical questioning on the part of the audience and critics.


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