Other Characters

Other characters

There are a few other minor characters in the film. These are:

Captain Bryant

Bryant is the police captain who re-assigns Deckard to the case in the beginning of the film. Him and Deckard have a less than amiable relationship. It seems highly likely that Bryant is a hard character, and possibly corrupt.


Although he plays a very minor role in the film, Gaff is an interesting character. He is a police detective that is trying to work his way up the ranks, and is assigned by Bryant to keep an eye on Deckard as he goes about his task. He dresses extremely well in custom suits and a hat, and carries a walking cane. He also speaks a number of languages. Three times during the film he leaves a small origami creation near Deckard so that he will find it. It appears that these origami are representations of Deckard’s mental state – the first is a chicken, the second a man with an erection, and the last is a unicorn. These habits remain mysterious, but by the end of the film there is a distinct possibility that Gaff is attempting to help Deckard and Rachael escape, as well as reveal to Deckard his status as replicant. A further possibility is that Gaff is a replicant himself, which may explain his willingness to help Deckard and spare Rachael.


Chew is an Asian genetic designer who works at ‘Eye Works’ and subcontracts for the Tyrell Corporation. He designs and makes eyes for the Nexus-6 model replicants.

J.F. Sebastian

J.F. plays more of a part in the film that any other these other minor characters. Like Chew, he is a genetic designer, although it can be presumed that he works directly for the Tyrell Corporation rather than being a subcontractor. It is not revealed what he specialises in, but we can infer that he is very intelligent and good at what he does because he has designed a number of his own ‘friends’ that live with him in his upper-level apartment in the Bradbury Building. He is a reclusive loner with no real human friends, and he suffers from a condition that prematurely ages him – he looks to be in his late thirties or forties but is in fact only 25 years old. He is shy and awkward in social situations, revealed during his interactions with Pris.

Taffey Lewis

Taffey is in the film for about 20 seconds, so we hardly get much of an idea who he really is. He is the owner of the Snake Pit nightclub, and portrays a typical wealthy and materialistic middle-aged man who is likely involved in the underworld.


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