Leon, Pris & Zhora

Leon, Pris and Zhora

These are the other three Nexus-6 replicants in the film, with none of them playing a major role.

Leon, played by Brion James, is the least developed mentally, and plays the most minor part in the film out of these three characters. He is designed for combat and as a ‘nuclear fission loader’. We get to know him very little, but are made aware that he treasures his replicant friends as he keeps a personal collection of photos of them.

Pris, played by Darryl Hannah, is designed for ‘military/leisure’ use and is a ‘basic pleasure model’ according to Bryant. We take this to mean that she provides sex services to humans in off-world colonies, but she also has a fairly good intellectual and an A-level physical. She is attractive and manipulative, using her looks and putting on an act of shyness and innocence to get into J.F.’s apartment.

Zhora, played by Joanna Cassidy, is the most intimidating of the replicants behind Roy Batty. She is trained for political homicide, and exerts a strong sexual and physical presence. We get to know her very little in the film, and in fact she is killed by Deckard minutes after we are first introduced to her in the dressing room out the back of the Snake Pit nightclub.


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