Eldon Tyrell

Eldon Tyrell

Joe Turkel plays the character of Eldon Tyrell.

Eldon is the head of the Tyrell Corporation, a massive multinational that specialises in genetic engineering and the design of artificial beings (replicants and animals). We presume that he is the owner and CEO of the company. We know absolutely nothing about his past. He plays the role of the flawed scientist, who has used his intellect to create a being ‘more human than human’ – it is revealed that he is the one who designed the mind of the Nexus-6 replicant. He is considered to be a genius, and we presume that he is also an astute and ruthless businessperson. ‘Commerce is the goal’ at the company he works for, and his motivations are shown when he is seen lying in bed at night alone buying and selling stocks. He dresses sharply, and adorns himself in materialistic luxuries, all indications of his megalomania. It is likely that he is extremely ambitious yet because of his drive for power and growing wealth he misuses his responsibility. He lives alone in an oversized penthouse on the 700th floor of the Tyrell building, and we get no indication that he has any friends, family, or lovers. He represents science gone wrong, and exemplifies the corrupting influences that money and power can have on man.


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