Blade Runner

What is Blade Runner and why is it featured on this blog?

‘Blade Runner’ is an American motion picture film released in 1982, that was directed by Ridley Scott. The film is based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, written by Philip K. Dick and published in 1968.

While primarily thought of as a science fiction film, it also blends elements of drama, horror, detective fiction and film noir.

A detailed description of the narrative can be found in this section.

While initially a commercial failure and receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film has gone on to become recognised as a film classic. It is certainly one of the defining science fiction films of the 20th century, and has had a wide influence.

It is recognised not just for its technical achievements, but also its deeper themes and ideas. Because of this it has been the subject of much analysis and debate. Some of that analysis will be featured in this blog, alongside my own writings.

Even though it was made almost thirty years ago, Blade Runner still looks and feels contemporary. It speculated on what a dystopian future may look like, pushing trends already apparent in 1982 to their extremes. Those trends are still with us, and as long as they are, Blade Runner will continue to be a relevant film.

Sidenote: There are a number of different ‘cuts’ of the film, but the one that is referenced in this blog is the 1992 Ridley Scott Director’s Cut.

What sort of things are featured in the blog posts?

The links on the right hand side of this page will take you to posts about various aspects of Blade Runner. There is also some basic information about film as a medium, and some of its features. Many of the posts feature quotations or references from other sources, alongside my own writing on the topics, as well as links. As such, most of the posts are a mixture/mashup of other works and sources, as well as my own interpretations.

It has not been my aim to provide any definitive interpretation of Blade Runner, and many of the ideas and questions and both speculative and open-ended. Seeing as the film deals with somewhat philosophical and complex issues, there are no final answers. The main aim of the blog is to provide an outlet for my own (and others) way of seeing the film, in the hope that the reader will be able to relate as well as possibly extend their own understanding.

Using this blog:

There are links on the right hand side of this blog > under the title ‘Blade Runner’, clicking on them will take you to the relevant sections.

Video Cover for the 1992 Director's Cut (the version used for this website)

One of the original posters for the film


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